In the News: Sustainability in the Emerald City

This article was originally published over on Paladino & Company’s blog and you can view it here and check out their work here. A big thanks to the Paladino & Company team for including us!

In 2018 Paladino was asked to join Caron Architecture on the project team for a 30-story mixed-use development in the heart of Seattle’s University District at 4510 11th Avenue Northeast. The project is owned by PFHC Inc. and will include 123 units of housing, 168 hotel rooms, 4700 SF of retail and 183 parking stalls. It will be validated by a sustainability strategy that aligns with the eco-ethos of this market and is back-checked by a LEED certification.

We quickly found kinship with the Caron team and have enjoyed a thriving collaboration ever since.

Caron is a full-service architecture firm that provides simple, elegant designs for a variety of clients. Since 2002, their experience in design and land-use planning allows them to offer streamlined project delivery resulting in unique and marketable design solutions.

David Reddish is an Associate Principal at Caron and is fostering the sustainability program at the firm. Caron has recently strengthened its commitment to sustainable design, and we are delighted to share some highlights from a recent conversation we had with David about their green path forward.

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Staff Spotlight: Laura Uskevich

Laura Uskevich is a Project Designer at Caron. She has a strong sense of style and design honed by her work at Caron. She enjoys and understands the psychology that material quality and form play in building a pleasurable space to inhabit. No matter if the project is as simple as a fireplace design or as complex as an apartment building, Laura always seeks to create a unique experience through thoughtful design. 

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Radim is Back: A Recap of Six-Months Abroad

I’ve returned from my six-month sabbatical and I’m energized and inspired to continue leading the Caron team as we embark on another successful year together. The main purpose of my trip was to focus on my family, but throughout my journey I had the opportunity to observe urban conditions, buildings and monuments around the world.

When I was younger, I used to practice architectural paparazzi, going out of my way to see buildings by famous and recognized architects. As I’ve grown older, I have become more interested in regular building patterns and small local gems which are well-detailed and catch my eye. I’m a firm believer in traveling beyond your hometown as there are lessons to be learned and comparisons to be made. It can lead to “Aha” moments of innovation. My travels were a kaleidoscope of views and impressions blurred together. I’ve done my best to combine six months of travel in my recap below and welcome the opportunity to share more about my experiences over coffee at our office.  

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