Our Team

Radim Blazej_Headshot 2.jpg

Radim Blazej, Founder & CEO

Radim is the energy and vision that leads Caron across all market sectors. A true advocate for design, Radim founded Caron to provide comprehensive services to fully support clients’ dynamic real estate ventures. He directs the overall design vision and business strategy that clearly differentiates Caron from its competitors.

Joel Wilbur_web.jpg

Joel Wilbur, Principal

As the first appointed Principal at Caron, Joel is responsible for the quality of service and product that leave the Caron office. His leadership style is based on integrity, accountability, fairness and cohesive communication. 

  David Reddish , Associate Principal

David Reddish, Associate Principal

  Wayde Tardif , Senior Designer

Wayde Tardif, Senior Designer

  Marsha Mawer-Olson , Senior Project Manager

Marsha Mawer-Olson, Senior Project Manager

  Brian Kim , Project Manager

Brian Kim, Project Manager

  Yoriko Endo , Project Manager

Yoriko Endo, Project Manager

  Laura Uskevich , Designer

Laura Uskevich, Designer

  Aaron Blaha , Designer

Aaron Blaha, Designer

  Mahboobeh Shamsian , Designer

Mahboobeh Shamsian, Designer

  Amal Kissoondyal , Project Manager

Amal Kissoondyal, Project Manager

  Andrew Kluess , Associate Principal

Andrew Kluess, Associate Principal

  Jin Kang , Senior Designer

Jin Kang, Senior Designer

  Archana Iyengar , Senior Project Architect

Archana Iyengar, Senior Project Architect

  David May , Project Manager

David May, Project Manager

  Hoda Jafarzadeh,  Project Architect

Hoda Jafarzadeh, Project Architect

  Katelin Carter Bonham , Marketing Manager

Katelin Carter Bonham, Marketing Manager

  Gabriel Morales Jordan , Designer

Gabriel Morales Jordan, Designer

  Ratana Suon , Designer

Ratana Suon, Designer

  Christi Higa , Designer

Christi Higa, Designer

  Pragnesh Parikh , Associate Principal

Pragnesh Parikh, Associate Principal

  Charles Wallace , Senior Project Architect

Charles Wallace, Senior Project Architect

  Kusi Chaijumroonpun , Project Manager

Kusi Chaijumroonpun, Project Manager

  Peter Tallar , Project Manager

Peter Tallar, Project Manager

  Stefania Minotti , Project Architect

Stefania Minotti, Project Architect

  Elizabeth Stonecypher , Designer

Elizabeth Stonecypher, Designer

  Dawn Isaacs , Office Manager

Dawn Isaacs, Office Manager

  Mei Yang , Designer

Mei Yang, Designer

  Rasha Younan , Designer

Rasha Younan, Designer