lake pointe cove

Lake Pointe Cove is a 10-unit townhouse, Built-Green 4-Star outlook development located in the heart of the Eastlake neighborhood. The four new residential buildings’ placement within the Eastlake Residential Urban Village, bounded by Lake Union and the I-5 corridor, offers a range of opportunities for residents to explore the community, while also providing a welcoming home. Each unit features 3-bedrooms and a rooftop deck to take in the panoramic 180-degree views of the downtown skyline, Space Needle, Aurora Bridge, Gas Works Park, and Wallingford neighborhood to the north. 

The project’s design goal was to develop an attractive, accessible modern community with a distinctive art deco aesthetic and presence that complements the eclectic character of the surrounding neighborhood and connects to the vibrant activity of its diverse small businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Outdoor spaces for the buildings’ residents are located on the 3rd floor balconies and the rooftop decks of the individual units. The design successfully conveys a sense of height and elevated luxury associated with the premium location and urban perspectives from the property.

2218 Franklin Ave. E Seattle, WA 

• 10-unit townhouses
• Rooftop Deck

Completion: 2017

Sustainability: 4-Star Built Green