lillehammer apartments

Seattle, WA

Prominently located just north of Ballard High School on 15th Avenue NW with convenient access to downtown Seattle, this 81,700-square-foot urban mixed-use building offers four stories of residential living over one level of retail spaces. Featuring 83 studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments; five live-work spaces; and 3,500 square feet of office space, Lillehammer creates a collection of units that thoughtfully integrates into the Scandinavian tradition of its Ballard neighborhood. Drawing on the region’s focus on sensitivity to place, modern design, natural finishes, and understated practicality, the building follows the southerly slope of the site and is divided into smaller areas for people to meet and interact, including courtyards, an open entrance lobby, personalized commercial spaces, and a rooftop deck.

The surrounding neighborhood is an eclectic blend of small locally owned shops, professional offices, restaurants and cafes, parks, schools, and mixed- and multifamily-uses. The streetscape along 15th Avenue presents a variety of scales, styles, and materials that are embraced and enhanced by the Lillehammer Apartments. The main entry court is set back from the street and includes native grasses and shrubs with small varieties of trees. The landscaping and decorative paving combine to create a welcoming space for residents and visitors to transition from the public street front to the more private entrance of the building. Landscape planters are placed in intervals adjacent to the live-work and business entrances, blending into the continuity of the community. In a similar fashion to the recessed entry court, the design includes a second, private landscaped courtyard on the east-facing side of the building for residents to use. Additional privacy is provided by a setback and landscaping screening on the site’s eastern boundary.

Lillehammer’s rooftop deck is its largest open common area and includes a range of amenities for residents to relax and entertain. The landscaping for this amenity space includes a wrap-around green roof that provides a privacy buffer for the single-family residences to the east. The open-air design features planters with a variety of small and medium size plants in addition to small trees. A stylish system of pavers is used to create energetic spaces for large gatherings and socializing, game playing areas for individuals and small groups, and personal hang-out nooks. The rooftop space offers expansive views south and west towards the Lake Washington Ship Canal, downtown, Queen Anne, Magnolia, and the Olympic Mountains.


7016 15th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98117

• 4 stories
• 81,700 SF
• 3,500 SF commercial space / office space
• 44 parking spaces
• 88 units


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