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Staff Spotlight: Laura Uskevich

Laura Uskevich is a Project Designer at Caron. She has a strong sense of style and design honed by her work at Caron. She enjoys and understands the psychology that material quality and form play in building a pleasurable space to inhabit. No matter if the project is as simple as a fireplace design or as complex as an apartment building, Laura always seeks to create a unique experience through thoughtful design. 

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Staff Spotlight: Wayde Tardif

Wayde Tardif is a Senior Designer at Caron. As a design professional for more than 30+ years, Wayde has designed mixed-use, commercial, workplace, residential, hospitality, cultural & institutional projects around the world. Wayde’s range of project types include city and campus master planning, urban design, commercial, retail, office, residential, hospitality, academic, library, and visual & performing arts facilities. In addition to architecture graphics and urban design, Wayde has also played a pivotal role in marketing and branding for companies both domestically and internationally.

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Radim is Back: A Recap of Six-Months Abroad

I’ve returned from my six-month sabbatical and I’m energized and inspired to continue leading the Caron team as we embark on another successful year together. The main purpose of my trip was to focus on my family, but throughout my journey I had the opportunity to observe urban conditions, buildings and monuments around the world.

When I was younger, I used to practice architectural paparazzi, going out of my way to see buildings by famous and recognized architects. As I’ve grown older, I have become more interested in regular building patterns and small local gems which are well-detailed and catch my eye. I’m a firm believer in traveling beyond your hometown as there are lessons to be learned and comparisons to be made. It can lead to “Aha” moments of innovation. My travels were a kaleidoscope of views and impressions blurred together. I’ve done my best to combine six months of travel in my recap below and welcome the opportunity to share more about my experiences over coffee at our office.  

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We're Teaming with Architects Without Borders Seattle

At Caron, we value diversity and rely on the strength of our passionate, talented staff and their diverse cultural backgrounds to bring a fresh perspective to each of our projects and to our community both locally and internationally.  As a firm, we’ve donated hundreds of hours teaming with local non-profit organizations in Seattle and participating in a variety of programs.

Most recently, Caron has with partnered with Architects Without Borders Seattle (AWB) to masterplan and design the Academy of Excellence for Girls in Esquias, Honduras for Educate2Envision International (E2E).  E2E’s mission is to provide access to secondary education for girls from rural regions of Honduras by funding the cost of education in return for the student’s participation in community development and entrepreneurial activities.

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