Nuovo Tower Heads to Design Review


The Nuovo Tower will be the tallest and newest mixed-use building to grace the University District skyline since the recent up-zone, with a total project height of about 340 feet. The project is designed at three primary scales, as an elegant and well-proportioned tower integrated into the existing urban fabric and city grid.

  1. At the first scale, ground level: the project is intended as an urban destination with retail, green space and a landscaped neighborhood open space at its base to provide breathing room from the road and encourage pedestrian activity.
  2. At the second scale, the building’s vertical modulation below 65 feet helps establish a sense of identity and place in relative scale to the street width and heights of adjacent structures.
  3. At the third scale, the tower is designed to be a good neighbor with the surrounding buildings and to help act as an “Urban Marker” and way-finding mechanism in what is becoming an active district for new development.

The project team’s response to the dog-leg shift in the street grid along 11th Avenue NE is to engage in a bit of urban place-making by setting the building away from the street and devoting ground level space to recreation and enjoyment in support of the retail base. The result is a building that still aligns with the city grid yet also has room to breathe along the street, creating a neighborhood node different than anything else in the University District.



Review Meeting
September 17, 2018 6:30 pm | Good Shepherd Center | 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Room 202