Staff Spotlight: Joel Wilbur

Staff Spotlight_Joel.jpg

As the first appointed Principal at Caron, Joel is responsible for the quality of service and product that leave the Caron office. His leadership style is based on integrity, accountability, fairness and cohesive communication. Vested in the professional growth of his staff and success of his clients, Joel is in charge of the business operations of the firm, from ensuring adequate staffing and quality assurance/control of all contractual documents and technical drawings. Joel’s expertise is in the technical aspects of architectural and interior design, entitlement and construction. Joel has worked on commercial, mixed-use and hospitality projects located throughout Washington.

How long have you worked at Caron Architecture, and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I have worked full-time at Caron since 2010 as well as working during the recession part time.

The thing I like most about working at Caron are the people I get to work with every day. There is a genuine sense that everyone in the office wants to come to work, do a good job and help each other along the way.  We just have a fantastic team with a great work ethic. It does not matter what the projects are at that point; large or small; high design or not; being in that environment and being challenged by very intelligent people makes coming to the office something to look forward to.

What projects are you currently working on?

In my role I work on all the projects and none of the projects. Currently, I am working to increase our technical quality in the ever-changing regulations of our industry through adjusting standards and procedures for design and documentation to mitigate risk in the final built product.

What is one of your hobbies that not many people know about?

Not many people know that I paint and sculpt – it is a great escape and release for me and balances the very technical day-to-day of my job. I have been experimenting and playing with acrylics for the last 10 years but have recently start sculpting. I carry a sketchbook and pencil with me just about everywhere so that I can document found inspiration and captured imagery. I find I do not have as much time to paint/explore all of the images but will go on a weekend bender of painting and drawing every so often.

Favorite Caron Design / Favorite Non-Caron Design and why?

It is challenging to pick one Caron design because I have liked so many of them – and some will not be built.  I think my favorites, yes multiple, have been those on non-rectilinear sites. Fremont Vibe, Alexan Shoreline and 8 Tower all provide the challenge of the non-rectilinear site and opportunities to over-come the challenge and create something quite unique.

I have an affinity for the works of Luis Barragan. Clean, “simple”, understated, yet the intrigue brought about by purposeful use of form and planes to lead the eye or conceal. I find it beautiful.