Staff Spotlight: Wayde Tardif

Staff Spotlight_Wayde.jpg

Wayde Tardif is a Senior Designer at Caron. As a design professional for more than 30+ years, Wayde has designed mixed-use, commercial, workplace, residential, hospitality, cultural & institutional projects around the world. Wayde’s range of project types include city and campus master planning, urban design, commercial, retail, office, residential, hospitality, academic, library, and visual & performing arts facilities. In addition to architecture graphics and urban design, Wayde has also played a pivotal role in marketing and branding for companies both domestically and internationally.

How long have you worked at Caron Architecture, and what is your favorite thing about working here?

I’ve been working at Caron on and off for 2 years, starting first as a design consultant for the 8 Tower project, then in earnest nearly a year ago, again as a design consultant, then was hired full time in June of 2018.

My favorite thing about working at Caron has to be the diversity of people we have, and the special relationships I have with some of the staff. Radim and I clicked right away, along with others within the company; I get on pretty well with people here, both professionally and personally.


What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a number of things. My role within the company allows me to have hands on a number of projects at once - I like that.

What is one of your hobbies that not many people know about?

I’m sure everyone knows about my love of riding motorcycles – even year round. I do love my Italian motorcycles, and recently replaced a Ducati with an Aprilia, which is more motorcycle than anyone really needs.  It’s hard to hide my passion wearing a black jacket, boots and helmet when walking through the office. What people may not know is that I really, really love bicycles. I’m a 2-wheel fanatic. As a former elite-level racer for more than 20 years, I have a deep love and passion for the sport. I have even started my own bicycle brand on the side, building light-weight carbon fiber bicycles . . . mostly for well-heeled cycling enthusiasts to pay for my coffee habit and to fund my other adventures and passions.

Favorite Caron Design / Favorite Non-Caron Design and why?

My favorite Caron design is whatever I’ve recently worked on . . . !! My favorite non-Caron projects are many, though I am a huge fan of some of the work out of Bjark Ingle’s office, because of the scale of the ideas involved in the work, like his Vancouver House in BC. I really like the new 1,551-foot-tall Tower Fifth, which was recently unveiled by the New York office of Gensler, and the Interlace, a fantastic residential development in Singapore by Ole Scheeren and OMA.