Staff Spotlight: Jin Kang

Staff Spotlight_Jin.jpg

Jin Kang is a Senior Designer at Caron. Jin has over 12 years of experience in design leadership on large corporate projects both in the United States and in China.  He has a broad knowledge of aesthetics and materials as well as an eye for details that are unique and practical. His previous work includes corporate campus design, LEED certified public facilities, and concept design for retail/office towers in Bellevue, Washington and Fuzhou, China.

How long have you worked at Caron Architecture, and what is your favorite thing about working here?

It’s been over three years since I started working at Caron. I enjoy the friendly working environment surrounded by a large diversity of people, including the 6pm talks with our project manager Amal Kissoondyal about design, movies, and life in general; the monthly art gatherings with co-workers; and many Friday happy hours. But above all, it’s hard not to mention my two-minute walking commute to the office.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a 7-story, mixed-use project in West Seattle and an 8-story, mixed-use project in Belltown as a project designer, along with a number of other design studies for potential future projects. These two current projects are in the design review phase, and are getting their designs finalized for the City’s approval.

What is one of your hobbies that not many people know about?

I think some of my co-workers already know that I enjoy mountain biking, tennis and golf. Moving from Las Vegas to the Pacific Northwest, where there is an endless number of mountains and lakes, I recently started camping and taking advantage of all the outdoors activities that the PNW has to offer.

Favorite Caron Design / Favorite Non-Caron Design and why?

There are so many well-designed buildings, and even just in Seattle there are so many great projects. To name one, the Seattle Central Library. I think it’s a bold concept that’s physicalized in a timeless form. At Caron, we are particularly specialized in residential projects. My favorite ones include the Emerald Star – a 3-story, Built Green Emerald Star-certified home in Ballard – and the 8 Tower, a proposed 40-plus story high-rise building in the Denny Triangle that will positively reshape Seattle’s skyline.