Caron Projects: Development in Shoreline

Engagement in Community Growth

The growth and development of the City of Shoreline’s community, like that of many other areas in the Puget Sound region, has accelerated significantly in recent years. The ongoing expansion and diversification of economic opportunities, improvements to transit infrastructure, and robust development of residential and commercial projects are all factors working together to encourage people to continue to relocate to the city’s neighborhoods. Offering convenient access to modern amenities, they support a balanced lifestyle of socializing, working, and playing with easy access to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Caron is proud to be deeply involved in the current growth of Shoreline as a destination and home for families and individuals, with three of our large multi-family projects currently progressing towards completion and occupancy.

Located across from the Westminster Plaza retail center Shoreline Place (formerly Aurora Square), and near the commercial core surrounding the Shoreline Transit stops, Alexan Shoreline will be one of the newest and most central private housing development projects in Shoreline on its completion. This two-residential tower, 404,060-square-foot apartment development will feature a pair of five-story buildings over a shared two-story podium and consist of a mix of 330 market-rate units (two-bedrooms, one-bedrooms, and studios), 302 parking spaces, and 206 bike parking spaces. The focus on providing ample opportunities for individuals and families to live with easy access to one of the region’s primary north-south transit corridors, as part of Shoreline’s plan to revitalize its Aurora Square Community Renewal Area, will allow Alexan to offer a combination of residential and shared open spaces that encourage people to embrace and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle in close proximity to their personal and modern needs.

In order to take advantage of and respond to the projected growth in population with the Northgate to Lynnwood LINK Light Rail extension construction underway, Alexan is situated to provide an urban living experience for commuters traveling between Seattle and Everett. Its position along both Aurora Avenue North (SR-99) and Westminster Way North at North 155th Street makes it a highly desirable hub in an area that is expected to grow by more than 10 percent during the next five years. In response to these influential social and economic trends shaping the region at large, and Shoreline in particular, for Alexan we worked to develop and integrate the building’s positioning on its prominently corner property into the City’s Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

The Caron project team for Trammell Crow Residential’s Alexan Shoreline development includes Graham Construction as general contractor; DCI Engineers for structural engineering; Bush, Roed & Hitchings as civil engineer, Karen Kiest Landscape Architects, and envelope consultant Building Envelope Engineering (BEE).

Caron is proud to be deeply involved in the current expansion of Shoreline as a destination and home for families and individuals.

In a similar manner to Alexan Shoreline, Caron’s work on the new mixed-use Trad development at 17567 15th Avenue Northeast presents a centralized collection of amenities and convenient access to nearby markets, shops, and recreational activities. The 180,000-square-foot Trad will provide 150 apartment units in a combination of studios, 1- and 2-bedroom layouts. It is focused around a large, central shared space that will offer residents opportunities to gather and socialize with each other in an active, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

Our project team for Evergreen Point Group’s Trad development features Exxel Pacific as the general contractor, Malsam Tsang Structural Engineering, KPFF for civil engineering, GHA Landscape Architects, and envelope consultant BEE.

In addition to accounting for changes in the ways that residents live and work, the design processes for Alexan and the Trad development in the North City neighborhood of Shoreline each involved extensive planning periods and the remediation of contaminated soils on their respective sites. We worked to improve the existing environmental conditions at the two sites in order to provide a healthy and nurturing place for residents, community members, and their families to enjoy the vibrance of the area. In the case of the Trad, the soil underlying a Texaco service station that had previously occupied the site was assessed and decontaminated, while at Alexan we consulted on the impacts of a prior paint supply retailer on the site before proceeding with its clean-up and development.

The Vail Apartments at North 17962 Midvale Avenue North, like Alexan and Trad, will offer a residential development featuring a diverse mixture of units, commercial spaces, amenities, and structured parking. Located near the intersection of several significant transit and pedestrian corridors, and serving the area around Shoreline’s City Hall, Vail will offer 163 units and is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing flow of social and recreational activity within its neighborhood. Our design for the development will offer a number of amenities intended to create a residential community within the larger context of this municipal hub.

The Vail project team for its developer, ADC Ridge at Sun Valley, consists of general contractor Compass Construction, civil and structural engineer MC Squared (MC2), landscape architect Thomas Rengstorf & Associates, and Building Envelope Engineering (BEE) for our envelope consultant.


The Shoreline community has changed rapidly in the course of the last ten years, and it continues to evolve as people decide to move to the region from out of state and relocate from the rising density and associated costs of the nearby Seattle market. The recent additions and planned expansion of a greater number of alternative transit options have made it possible for individuals and families to live beyond the current boundaries of our area’s dense urban cores while remaining connected to them in the established surrounding metro areas.

In each of our three large apartment development projects – Alexan, Trad, and Vail – currently in progress in Shoreline, we have focused on providing spaces and amenities that will actively support an increasingly diversified and independent community. It is an accepted tenet of urban planning that when you provide people with more opportunities for gathering and socializing, a frequent result is the creation of decentralized nodes in which a broader range of activities is embraced and flourishes. It is very exciting for us to see and be an important part of this process occurring within greater Shoreline.

If you would like to learn more about the progressive growth that the City of Shoreline is currently experiencing and its future development plans, please visit the following links.