Travel Scholarship: Scandinavia

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Goodbye Seattle, Hello Scandinavia!

This trip has been a long time in the making. It combines my favorite things, good food, great company, and architecture!

My husband and I are on our way to Scandinavia, but first we’re making a quick pit-stop in London. We have a 3 day stretch to see the city. I've been to London once before, but only for 24 hours. I remember Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Rose Theater. This is my opportunity to see NEW design and really dive into the details of architecture. 

I want to see successful public spaces. Plazas, parks, shopping centers; Semi public architecture, universities and institutional architecture; and private projects, multi-family, townhomes and single family architecture. 

From London, we jet over to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of my favorite places. I've been lucky to have visited twice before - more for the polser (hot dogs) but never for the architecture. Once in Copenhagen I can geek out in admiration of BIG Architects. BIG.. Bjarke Ingels Group. There is so much modern architecture to be seen.

We then depart from Copenhagen on a train, heading to STOCKHOLM! I'm excited for Stockholm...huge IKEA fan over here. Stockholm will be a new experience for me and i'll do my best to take in all the sights. Our flight out of Stockholm takes us to Oslo, where we’ll spend our final few days there before we head back to Seattle.  

This trip is meant to be an architectural enlightenment for me. I’m looking forward to seeing similar projects to the ones we develop here at Caron. The similarities between these geographical locations leads me to believe that the architectural features would translate well. I’ve always admired Scandinavian architecture for its simplicity and integrity. I’m excited to share my trip with everyone, and I hope it inspires others along the way.

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