Travel Scholarship: Los Angeles

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I am a project manager at Caron and I was awarded one of the 2017 Travel Scholarships.  I will be in and around Los Angeles for 9 days to explore the city and to document trends in efficiency, micro and other apartment housing and their portability to the Seattle market.  

Los Angeles is a vast contradiction of the urban forms that make up a city.  Los Angeles is incomprehensible from the ground, a city made up of an amalgam of towns to form a great swath of human development that subsumes beach to mountain.  Architectural critic and writer Reyner Banham noted in his book Los Angeles that the city “offers radical alternatives to almost every urban concept in unquestioned currency.”  New and interesting forms of housing are being experimented with; high demand is giving rise to more unique branding of living spaces.

The goals of such a trip are to investigate a new form of living, living with less space, and to document how people in Los Angeles view their community and use their space.  I propose to look at three distinct time periods of area housing: the 1920s, the Post-War era, and the post-Recession period we are in now.  I propose to document significant examples of period housing to explore how people have adapted those spaces and retained or modified them.

Additionally I will be documenting how new experiments in housing learned in Los Angeles can be utilized in the architecture of the Northwest, including trends in amenities, private space allocation, community space design, and building form.

Follow along during Peter's travels to Los Angeles, here

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