7011 Roosevelt

Seattle, WA

Located within walking distance to the future Roosevelt Light Rail station, 7011 Roosevelt takes advantage of its challenging sloped topography and the unique site shape to provide a singular living experience. The focus of the project is on offering a range of opportunities for residents to socialize both individually and collectively throughout. This is accomplished, in part, through the inclusion of four basement level apartments with floor to ceiling windows and private outdoor patios. The design also features a transit-oriented arrangement of four ground-level apartments and two live/work units, with additional residences distributed over three floors above.

Embracing the guiding principle of sustainability, 7011 provides a host of opportunities for residents to reduce their carbon footprints. The design incorporates a large bike room for 12 users, limits the amount of parking provided to encourage environmentally-conscious commuting from the building’s central location, and offers a large green roof and roof deck amenity with outstanding views of Green Lake, Downtown, Mount Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains.

The project’s goals included extending the existing and anticipated growth in pedestrian traffic from the area’s core commercial area to the north of the site, and to create pleasant street level experiences along Roosevelt Way and other pedestrian amenities such as canopies, landscaping, lighting and maximum fenestration on the ground level. Particular attention was focused on the below-street level apartments in order to create a distinctive set of daylit spaces for residents. The result of this attention to creating vibrant, livable areas within walking distance of the new light rail station is an active and social community that is engaged with the surrounding neighborhood.


• 3 stories above grade
• 77,000 SF
• 1,500 SF commercial space
• 48 units
• 0 parking spaces

Completion: 2019

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