The orcas house

orcas island, WA

The Orcas House draws on the principles of traditional Japanese courtyard house design in response to a private wooded landscape overlooking the Harney Channel.  The house unfolds in a series of layers drawing visitors in from outside to the innermost secluded courtyard through a formal entry and hall which provide a naturally-lighted space to display the owner’s collection of Japanese and Chinese art.  Glimpses of the manicured garden and natural vistas can be hidden or put on full display by adjusting the shoji screens in each room, pushing the viewers sense of space out into the surrounding landscape.


Orcas Island, WA

• 5,050 SF
• 3 bedrooms

Completion: 2013

Sustainability: Radiant floor heating, Low Impact Development with rainwater collection cistern for on-site irrigation, sensor controlled lighting throughout